How soon could a company representative visit the site?.

We try to arrange a visit the same day or at your convenience. We appreciate a lot of people work 9-5 so can do very early, or very late appointments.

Do we give free estimates?

No, we don’t estimate anything. We provide a precise, FIXED quotations FREE. Along with any advice that is needed.

Can I see examples of work?

Yes. We hold a file of photographs of finished work and genuine letters of thanks and good comments. Some of these can be found on our website, but we can email our most recent over to you.

What distances do you cover?

We are based in Brighton and Hove, but cover all of the south coast, as far as London and are willing to travel further afield upon agreement.

What guarantees do we give?

All of our work is guaranteed for a minimum of 15 years with certain materials holding a manufacturer’s 20 year guarantee.

Do we carryout insurance work?

Yes we do, we can also help you through the sometimes onerous and complicated process, by providing written roof surveys and reports along with step by step photographic evidence of work carried out to meet the strict requirement’s to qualify for insurance backed work.

How long will the work take?

Work can vary depending on the size of the job, for example a basic garage renewal could be a day or two, where as a detailed Asphalt balcony of same size could take four days, each job is different but we will give you an accurate timescale upon inspection.

What does Damario Asphalt mean? What a strange name for a company!

Well, it is my Family name. Damario is a Italian surname and my great great grandfather pietro Damario came to Brighton, England in early 1900,s looking for work. He started off as a street musician, then selling ice creams and finally learned he’s craft as a Mastic asphalter, since then the trade has been passed down from generation to generation. I am currently the 5th generation of the Damario family to be Asphalting roofs in Sussex.